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Soft Memories, the original go-to-site for vintage patterns since 1998 currently offers a variety of patterns that exemplify some of the very best of the past from the early 1900’s forward. Today in this digital age we’ve been able to preserve some of the beautiful patterns that have been passed down through the decades with no worries that the patterns will become brittle and yellowed with age.

We invite you to stay a while and enjoy browsing the 1300+ patterns already online in the crochet, filet crochet and knitting categories.  You can choose your favorite patterns and save them to your wish list, or compile collections for future reference.

All patterns are in .pdf format and are available for instant download from your own pattern library immediately after purchase. And there’s no need to wait to begin your project; you can download your patterns any time, from anywhere, 24/7 !  

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Time, which antiquates antiquities, and hath an art to make dust of all things, hath yet spared these minor monuments.

Thomas Browne, circa 1600's

Once upon a time, when postage was only pennies . .

Be sure to check out the hundreds of old mail order patterns currently online, all from 55 to 85 years ago! You’ll find a large variety in both crochet and filet crochet, including Chair Sets, Crib Covers, Wall Panels, Doilies, Fashion, Tablecloths, Wide Tablecloth Borders, and more. Mail Order knitting patterns will be brought online in the months ahead, as well as additional patterns in Crochet and Filet Crochet.  We have many more to post so we hope you’ll visit often!

Trailing Morning Glories

Pineapple Fashion Cape

Peter Rabbit Crib Cover

A bit of trivia on some mail order patterns that were distributed 1930’s into the 1960’s: Patterns were listed in newspapers under various bylines including Alice Brooks and Laura Wheeler. The fictitious Alice Brooks was a byline of Household Arts, Inc., and the fictitious Laura Wheeler was a byline of Needlecraft Service, Inc., both of which were a part of Reader Mail, Inc., a corporation which used a series of post office boxes at Chelsea Station, New York, with distribution by King Features Syndicate. (Source: WorldCat.org) 

And, once upon a time there were a few spoiled cats that wore stylish boudoir caps.

Antique postcard of cat in boudoir cat sold in Great Britain, 1902
Postcard sold in Great Britain, 1902
Antique postcard of cat in boudoir cap sold in France, 1904
Postcard sold in France, 1904

The art of crochet passed down through the decades.

Boudoir cap crochet patterns from the early 1900's

Browse our large selection of boudoir cap patterns from the early 1900’s! In our modern day, caps are also known as decorative hair nets or curler caps.

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